Cheapest CRNA Schools

CRNA School tuition is expensive.   The average In-State Nurse Anesthetist School cost is US$93,065. The average Out-of-State Nurse Anesthetist School Cost is US$109,401. 

#1 - Army CRNA (tie) #1 - Military CRNA (tie) #3 - Inter American University #4 - University of Puerto Rico #5 - Antillean Adventist  #6 - USM #7 - University of Akron  # 8 - Saint Joseph Hospital

Cheapest CRNA School Rankings

CRNA Salary in Alaska

Military CRNA  Fact Sheet

Name: USUHS State: Maryland City: Bethesda Degree: DNP Length: 36 months Class size: 35 students Acceptance rate: 95% Min GPA: 3.0 GRE: Required  Tuition: Free with conditions Cheapest CRNA Schools

Antillean Adventist CRNA Fact Sheet

Name: Antillean Adventist University State: Puerto Rico City: Mayaguez Degree: MSN Length: 24 months Class size: 25 students Acceptance rate: 63% Min GPA: 3.0 GRE: Required  Tuition: US$26k Cheapest CRNA Schools

InterAmerican  CRNA Fact Sheet

Name: InterAmerican University State: Puerto Rico City: Arecibo Degree: MS Length: 28 months Class size: 34 students Acceptance rate: 37% Min GPA: 3.0 GRE: Required Tuition: US$14k Cheapest CRNA Schools

UPR CRNA  Fact Sheet

Name: University of Puerto Rico State: Puerto Rico City: San Juan Degree: MSNSA Length: 29 months Class size: 12 students Acceptance rate: 24% Min GPA: 3.0 GRE: Required Tuition: US$17k Cheapest CRNA Schools

Akron CRNA  Fact Sheet

Name: University of Akron  State: Ohio City: Akron Degree: MSN Length: 27 months Class size: 36 students Acceptance rate: 29% Min GPA: 3.0 GRE: Not Required  Tuition: US$50k Cheapest CRNA Schools

USM CRNA  Fact Sheet

Name: University of Southern Mississippi State: Mississippi City: Hattiesburg Degree: DNP Length: 36 months Class size: 20 students Acceptance rate: 40% Min GPA: 3.0 GRE: Required Tuition: US$140k Cheapest CRNA Schools

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