Other State CRNA Job Rankings #1 - Texas #2 - North Carolina #3 - Tennessee

1. BLS Official Bureau of Labor Statistics from the Federal government. 2. AANA The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists is the largest association of CRNAs in the US.   +5,000 nurse anesthetists respond to their annual survey to give real salary data.

The average CRNA Salary in Florida is US$160,030 Florida Salary State Rank: #39

The Average CRNA Salary in the US is US$181,040

According to the AANA, 'Total Income’ includes the base CRNA salary in addition to other components like call pay, overtime and bonuses.

The Total Income in Florida is US$178,544. The Average CRNA Salary in  Florida is US$158,865.

The average CRNA Salary in Tallahassee, Florida is US$169,122. The average CRNA Salary in Miami, Florida is US$181,524.

1. Montana  US$239,380 2. Wisconsin  US$234,750 3. Oregon  US$233,600

1. Puerto Rico  US$54,690 2. Arizona  US$144,530 3. Utah  US$146,470

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