CRNA Salary

We look at two Data Sources of Average CRNA Salary

1. BLS Official Bureau of Labor Statistics from the Federal government. 2. AANA The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists is the largest association of CRNAs in the US.   +5,000 nurse anesthetists respond to their annual survey to give real salary data.


According to the BLS, the Average CRNA Salary is US$181,040 in the US

According to the AANA survey, the average CRNA full compensation in the United States is US$201,996.   This is up about 5% higher than the previous year.  This shows strong demand for CRNA jobs and the shortage of candidates

Full CRNA compensation includes all of the below: Basic Salary Call pay income Overtime income Bonus income Part time /contract income

When considering only the salary component, the average nurse anesthetist salary is US$177,911.

CRNA Pay (Median) is Also Based on Experience

1 year or less experience Anesthetist Salary: US$150,000. 2-5 years experience Anesthetist Salary: US$165,000 6-10 years experience Anesthetist Salary: US$175,619 11-20 years experience Anesthetist Salary: US$185,000 21-30 years experience Anesthetist Salary: US$185,000 +31 years experience Anesthetist Salary: US$185,000

Anesthesiologist nurse Salary also depends on other things including workplace, employment arragements and state of employment

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