Starting Nurse Anesthetist Salary in NYC is in the range of US$170,000 - US$180,000.

Sign-on Bonues for CRNA graduates range from US$10,000 to US$30,000 depending on the hospital and commitment.

CRNA Salary in New York City

The average CRNA Salary in NYC is US$225,623.

We look at two Data Sources of CRNA Salary in New York

1. BLS Official Bureau of Labor Statistics from the Federal government. 2. AANA The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists is the largest association of CRNAs in the US.   +5,000 nurse anesthetists respond to their annual survey to give real salary data.


The average CRNA Salary in New York is US$200,350. New York Salary State Rank: #8

The Average CRNA Salary in the US is US$181,040

According to the AANA, 'Total Income’ includes the base CRNA salary in addition to other components like call pay, overtime and bonuses.

The Total Income in NY is US$220,510. The Average CRNA Salary in  NY is US$190,685.

CRNA Salary in New York

1. Montana  US$239,380 2. Wisconsin  US$234,750 3. Oregon  US$233,600

1. Puerto Rico  US$54,690 2. Arizona  US$144,530 3. Utah  US$146,470

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