CAQH Proview

CAQH Proview
Many nurses and CRNAs have not heard of CAQH Proview.  CAQH stands for Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare.  It is a non-profit alliance whose mission is to streamline the business of healthcare.  CAQH is on my list of top CRNA and SRNA recommendations because it has saved me a ton of time as a Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  Their main product is CAQH Proview, which is a FREE online platform that eases the burden of provider data collection.  In addition, CAQH Proview helps with maintenance and distribution between the healthcare industry with medical professionals.

CAQH Solutions

CAQH SolutionsThe Company has released public statistics that more than 900 health plans, hospitals and provider groups participate in CAQH Proview.  With that, over 1.4 million health professionals (nurses, SRNAs, CRNAs, dentists, physicians, etc) using CAQH Solutions.  (Dentists have their own CAQH called ADA CAQH).

I guesstimate that I’ve saved more than 100 hours while in CRNA School and a lot of my personal happiness (sanity?) with CAQH Proview because it’s allowed me to apply to more jobs across different States without the hassle of filling out the same forms and submitting the same documents multiple times.

You will never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. – Charles Buxton

Today, many hospitals and insurance programs require medical professions sign up for CAQH Proview as a fast and amazingly simple way to submit credentialing to multiple plans and networks by entering information just once in one place.  This credentialing process is quite simple and is at no cost to medical professions.  That’s why I recommend SRNAs who are graduating to register on CAQH Proview if they have free time with nothing to do.

The good thing to know is that the company has strong security and safety standards – which is really important with privacy and hacking on the internet these days.  CAQH Proview recently received HITRUST CSF, which is the highest security standard in the industry.

CAQH Login

CAQH LoginThe CAQH Login process goes something like this:

  • Fill in the information in all the fields or mark as Not Available.
  • Include all your information on where you are current practicing, previous hospitals and work experience
  • Include all personal and professional registration numbers as social security number, nurse and CRNA license numbers
  • Answer all questions or provide explanations where necessary
  • Be 100% honest when answering all questions [Nursing DUI article]
  • Upload digital copies of your CV, professional licenses, any pending or settled malpractice cases
  • Sign and date the attestation form, which means you legally vouch for the information you provided on the CAQH Login.

Finally, you grant all organizations and hospitals you are applying for a job access to your profile. CAQH Proview will send quarterly email reminders to keep your information updated.  And that’s it!

The first time you fill in the information on CAQH Login, you should budget three to five hours. This depends on your work history.  However, after that, it takes less than 5 minutes to send the same information to different hospitals and nursing jobs across different states!

Best CRNA Programs

best crna schoolsWe spent hundreds of hours studying all CRNA schools and interviewing over 125 nurse anesthetists to create our exclusive list of Best CRNA Schools.  If you’re a SRNA using the CAQH Proview, please visit the Best CRNA programs and let us know feedback and comments on your CRNA School program to help prospective nurse anesthetist students.


In conclusion, CAQH Proview is one of my top SRNA nurse recommendations for a SRNA nurse to sign up for. It is a free product from an established company with top security standards that has saved me more than 100 hours in applying for different jobs at various hospitals. In short, I believe it’s given me more career opportunities as I’ve been able to apply to many travel nursing and CRNA jobs in different states which I might not otherwise applied to.


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