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Florida, known as the Sunshine State, is ranked #2 in total number of CRNA Schools in the United States. There are 9 CRNA Schools in Florida as listed out:

  1. Florida Gulf Coast University CRNA, Fort Myers (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  2. UNF CRNA, Jacksonville (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  3. UM CRNA Program, Miami (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  4. FIU CRNA Program, Miami (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  5. Barry University Nurse Anesthesia Program, Miami Shores (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  6. Keiser University CRNA, Naples (Doctor of Nursing Anesthesia Practice)
  7. AdventHealth CRNA, Orlando (Doctor of Nursing Anesthesia Practice)
  8. FSU CRNA, Panama City (Master of Science in Nursing)
  9. USF CRNA Program, Tampa (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

As of October 2020, there are 122 CRNA schools in the United States and 2.4 CRNA schools in each State on average.  To compare, there are 13 CRNA schools in Pennsylvania, 9 CRNA schools in Florida and 7 CRNA schools in Ohio.  In addition, North Carolina and Tennessee both have 6 CRNA schools.  On the other hand, there are no CRNA programs at all in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Vermont, New Hampshire, Alaska and Hawaii.  More often than not, the States with more CRNA schools tend to have more CRNA jobs as well.  Of the 9 CRNA schools, 3 of which are in Miami.

Interesting Facts about CRNA Schools in Florida

crna schools in florida

  • The average employment rate upon graduation for CRNA schools in Florida is 99%. (Note: Excludes Keiser and FGU in which employment rate not available.)
  • University of North Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida International University offer significant In-State tuition discounts of more than 50% on average for Florida residents.
  • All Florida CRNA schools have moved towards DNP Doctorate programs and no longer offer Masters degrees in Nurse Anesthesia.

Why students choose CRNA schools in Florida?

  • Weather: There is a reason why they call Florida the Sunshine State.  Great temperature and sun all year round make it possible to enjoy outdoor activities and life in this great State.
  • Nature lifestyle: CRNA students choose Florida because getting away from the City is easy to take a break in beautiful nature. The Florida Keys and the Everglades are closest to CRNA schools in Miami and within a few hours drive from other schools.  Students go to the Keys for snorkeling, diving and exploring the bars and beach life.  Meanwhile they go to the Everglades for hiking, canoeing and kayaking.
  • High demand for CRNA students after graduation from CRNA school in Florida: Florida has one of the older populations in the US. The US Census estimates that 33% of Florida’s population will be 60 years old and older by 2030.  More surgeries mean more demand for SNRA nurses.
  • Competitive CRNA Starting Salary for graduates in Florida. This year, the average CRNA Salary Florida for CRNA graduates is US$158,865. The median nurse anesthetist salary Florida is US$158,000.  The 25th percentile is US$143,000 to the 75th percentile is US$200,000.

CRNA Programs in Florida Acceptance Rate

CRNA Programs in Florida Acceptance RateThe average acceptance rate for CRNA programs in Florida is 30%.  This is high compared to the national CRNA average acceptance rate of 26%.  In general, the easiest CRNA schools to get into by State are generally in the States with more CRNA schools.  For example, the average acceptance rate for CRNA schools in Florida is 30% with 9 CRNA Schools.  This compares with an acceptance rate of 13% for CRNA schools in Georgia and 24% in South Carolina.  That is to say, both these States only have 2 CRNA schools.  However, please note this is only a general rule of thumb and does not apply to all States all the time.

Best CRNA Schools in Florida

best crna schoolsPlease see the list below for the best CRNA schools in Florida.

Best CRNA School RankingAll CRNA SchoolsCityDegree Offered
90FSU CRNAPanama CityMSN
92UM CRNA ProgramMiamiDNP
98AdventHealth CRNAOrlandoDNAP
99UNF CRNAJacksonvilleDNP
107Barry University Nurse Anesthesia ProgramMiami ShoresDNP
108Florida Gulf Coast University CRNAFort MyersDNP
109USF CRNA ProgramTampaDNP
121FIU CRNA ProgramMiamiDNP
123Keiser University CRNANaplesDNAP

Be sure to check out our exclusive best nurse anesthetist schools list.  Through interviewing over 125 real CRNAs, we ranked all CRNA schools to come up with the best CRNA schools in America.

Other Nurse Anesthetist FL CRNA Information

CRNA Programs in FL InformationWhether you are a student aspiring to attend a CRNA programs in Florida or already a CRNA, check out CRNA Salary in Florida and Florida Board of Nursing to learn more about nurse anesthesia in the State.

Map of CRNA Schools by State


The darker the blue color equivocates to more CRNA Schools in the State.
Tier 1 = 6 or more CRNA Schools
2nd Tier = 3 to 5 CRNA Schools
Tier 3 = 1 or 2 CRNA Schools
White means no CRNA schools in the State.
Data source: everythingCRNA

CRNA Salary in Florida

crna salary in floridaSince you’re reading about CRNA Schools in Florida, we thought you might be interested in learning about the CRNA Salary in Florida if you’re going to work in the State.  Be sure to also check out our CRNA Salary Guide and CRNA Starting Salary if you’re still a student or if you’re wondering how much a fresh CRNA can make right out of nurse anesthesia school.  Different States have different demand and supply economics of nurse anesthetists, so my advice is to be sure to read up on different states to see which ones fit you best.

Nurse Anesthetist Programs in FL Conclusion

To sum up, we hope you found the list of CRNA schools in Florida helpful.  Did you graduate from a CRNA program in Florida?  Are you looking at going to CRNA school in Florida?  Please share your plans and feedback in the comments below with our community.  For more information, please click on the image gallery below.


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