CRNA Nurse Recommendations

In this section, I will list out CRNA nurse recommendations for student registered nurse anesthetists and future CRNA students.  Please note these are all based on my personal experiences as a SRNA and from speaking with other students and CRNAs as well.  The surprising fact is that everyone’s views are pretty much the same when it comes to the SRNA and CRNA recommendations items below.


ACCRAC stands for Anesthesia & Critical Care Reviews and Commentary.  I highly recommend this free podcast as it is really helpful to listen to various experts in the CRNA field talk about different topics of anesthesia and critical care.  The podcast is run by Jed Wolpaw, who is an associate professor at John Hopkins. Likewise, it’s also helpful as a refresher for exams, keeping up to date on what’s happening in the industry and being comfortable with the language and dialogue of CRNAs.

SRNA Nurse Recommendations Laptop: Surface Pro

If you are an Apple fan, stick with an iPad with keyboard.  Otherwise, I highly recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro.  The advantages of the Surface Pro are that it is lightweight, and it really does everything you need it to.  With the Surface Pro you can take notes directly with your pen on the screen, which is helpful in CRNA class.  Most of the books can be downloaded so it is nice to be able to read on a tablet.  With that, the Surface really saves your back from having to lug around all those heavy textbooks.

The core programs you will be using are Google Chrome as the web browser, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word.  You can keep up to date with everyone on Facebook and WhatsApp Web.

In general, you should buy the best spec Surface Pro that your budget can afford as you’re be using it almost every single day and you’ll want to continue using the same laptop for many years to come.  I know some SRNA nurses tried to save money in the beginning by buying only a Chromebook.  However, they ended up spending more in the end when the Chromebook wasn’t able to keep up later on.  As the common idiom goes…

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. – Robert Burton

CRNA Job Site:

When I first heard of Gaswork, I thought my CRNA colleagues were talking about air conditioning or some sort of repair maintenance for the car.  Little did I know at that time, this archaic craigslist style website is actually the #1 website for CRNA jobs.

Job portals like and LinkedIn are not highly effective tools for looking for a CRNA position.  Most positions are advertised through word of mouth and also on  I hear of hospitals looking to hire CRNAs, so I might post jobs if any of you are looking.  Definitely check out Gasworks if you’re a SRNA nurse looking for a job after graduating from CRNA school.

CRNA Job Nurse Credentialing: CAQH Proview

I go over CAQH Proview in a whole separate page if that gives you any idea how great I think it is.  CAQH Proview is the US healthcare industry’s gold standard for self-reporting professionals to health organizations.  You basically fill all your credentials on the CAQH Login page one time, which will take you anywhere from one to three hours, depending on how much time it takes for you to collect all your licenses.  Then, you can use the same CAQH credentials to apply to hundreds of CRNA jobs online and in person.  It is really that simple.

I guesstimate that I’ve saved more than 100 hours and a lot of my personal happiness (sanity?) with CAQH Proview. It has allowed me to apply to more jobs across different States without the hassle of filling out the same forms and submitting the same documents multiple times.

SRNA App: Vargo App

 Ah, Vargo App.  Often considered CRNA bible for your smartphone.  Most SRNA nurses have a love-hate relationship with this app.  I go into a more detailed review on Vargo Pro on this mega app with pros, cons and when you should purchase the app (on sale, of course!)

CRNA Continuing Education: Audio Digest CRNA

Audio Digest CRNA is a gem.  With their online courses and lectures, CRNAs can earn up to 46 Class A CE credits.   To my knowledge, Audio Digest is the ONLY online website that allows you to earn CRNA credits.

True, the program is expensive.  On occasion, there will be a Gift or Reward Card discount.  I’ve seen ranges from US$0 to US$1,000.  For the Anesthesiology Board Review, I’ve seen the biggest discount of US$1,000.  For the Anesthesiology Platinum Membership, I’ve seen max discount of US$1,000 and for the Anesthesiology Gold Membership, I’ve seen the most discount of US$400.

If it does hit US$1,000, I highly recommend you make the purchase.  You’ll be able to use the materials later, and it’s basically like free money in the bank for you.  If there is no discount, I recommend that you check back each week if you can wait.  Usually during peak months, the discounts are less and the discounts are more during low months.

I might write more about Audio Digest CRNA if there’s interest or any questions.

CRNA Nurse Recommendations Conclusion

If you have feedback or would like to hear more CRNA and SRNA recommendations, do let me know and I’ll do my best to post more information.

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