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Iowa, known as the Hawkeye State, in the Midwest of the United States is a great place for CRNA jobs in America as it has an average number of CRNA jobs in the country.  It ranks #26 out of the 50 States for number of certified nurse anesthetist jobs.  Through this page, I will focus on three key topics of CRNA Salary in Iowa:

Topic 1: CRNA Salary Iowa versus the US National Level

CRNA Salary Iowa from BLS

CRNA Salary BLS SurveyAccording to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics in their latest report, the average CRNA salary in Iowa this year is US$202,400.  This is 12% above / (below) than the national average CRNA salary of US$181,040 per year.  The nurse anesthetist starting salary Iowa will be lower than the state and national average usually anywhere from 10-20%.  The average hourly wage for CRNA Salary in IA is US$202,400 per hour compared with US$87 per hour across the nation.  This takes into account a 40-hour work week; working more would result in overtime pay, usually up to 50% more.  In fact, the nurse anesthetist salary IA is ranked #6 out of the 50 States.  This is a super exceptional score.

Out of all the States, CRNA Salary Montana, CRNA Salary Wisconsin, CRNA Salary Oregon, CRNA Salary California and CRNA Salary Iowa ranked the best.

On the other side of the spectrum, CRNA Salary Virginia, CRNA Salary Puerto Rico, CRNA Salary Arizona, CRNA Salary Tennessee ranked the worst in terms of salary for nurse anesthetists.

The reporting information is an exceptionally reliable source of data from the official website of the United States Department of Labor.  Furthermore, they update the information yearly.  Although the website is very data intensive, I recommend checking out the resource if you are curious on learning about occupational employment statistics.

CRNA Salary Iowa from AANA

CRNA Salary AANA SurveyAs another reference point, each year the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) conducts a career survey.  Last year, over 5,000 nurse anesthetists across the United States participated in this survey on CRNA salaryAccording to the AANA study, the average CRNA Total Income Iowa is US$210,625 and the average CRNA Salary Iowa is US$193,063.

Total Income from the AANA may be a more comprehensive and realistic figure than the BLS statistics.  This is because ‘Total Income’ includes the base CRNA salary in addition to other components like call pay, overtime and bonuses.  Check out the AANA Career Salary Survey Summary for other fascinating observations.

Nurse Anesthetist Salary Map


Topic 2: CRNA Salaries in Iowa Top Cities

Even within the same State of Iowa, the average certified nurse anesthetist salary Iowa will vary between cities.  According to, the average DNP salary Iowa for the top cities in Iowa are as below:

  • CRNA Salary Des Moines, IA is US$180,385
  • CRNA Salary Cedar Rapids, IA is US$177,154

It is important to note that in the capital of Iowa, the CRNA Salary Des Moines is usually higher than other smaller cities not mentioned above.

As you can tell the salary data varies quite a bit by source.  For instance, in BLS, the average certified nurse anesthetist salary in Iowa is US$202,400, which is different from Remember, salary information from different sources are just a range of data for you to make your decisions. There are pros and cons with working in each city.  I recommend you speak with other Certified Nurse Anesthetists working in those areas to get real time information.

Topic 3: Nurse Anesthetist Salary Iowa After Taxes

CRNA Programs in Iowa Acceptance RateAs the common saying from Benjamin Franklin goes:

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

When thinking about your CRNA Salary in Iowa , it’s important to take into account the different State and Local tax rates across the country.  The marginal tax rate at the Iowa State level is 8.53%.  If you were to earn the average Nurse Anesthetist Salary Iowa in the capital Des Moines, IA of US$180,385, your approximate take home pay would be US$125,832 after taking into account Federal, FICA (Social Security & Medicare), State and Local taxes – that’s a 32% marginal federal Income tax rate overall.

These numbers are calculated for the taxes owed for the 2019 – 2020 filing season.  Although the gross salary for the CRNA profession may seem a lot, Uncle Sam will be taking a large chunk. Please note that each person’s tax situation is different.  Also, these numbers are if you are a single person filing.

If you save 50% of your take-home Iowa CRNA salary pay, you will be a CRNA millionaire in 16 years! 

For the most tax efficient locations to live and work, CRNA Salary Alaska, CRNA Salary Delaware, CRNA Salary Montana, CRNA Salary Nevada, CRNA Salary Wyoming and CRNA Salary Florida offer the lowest personal income tax rates.

The highest tax rates are in CRNA Salary Illinois, CRNA Salary Connecticut, CRNA Salary New York, CRNA Salary Pennsylvania and CRNA Salary Kansas.

Nurse Anesthetist Salary Iowa Conclusion

Of course it’s not just about the salary that Certified Nurse Anesthetists choose to work in Iowa.

The famous Albert Einstein once said,

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

To sum up, the choice is yours because there is more to life than money.

I hope this article on CRNA Salaries in Iowa was helpful.  Please click on the image gallery below for more information. 


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Author Bio: Nelson started everythingCRNA to help aspiring, student and practicing CRNAs & CAAs. Nelson is currently a CRNA in New York City.  Previously, he worked as an ICU Travel RN and Critical Care RN in Philadelphia, Miami, Washington DC, and Boston.  He earned his BSN from Penn State and his MSN from Bloomsburg.  He is also a member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). In his free time, he enjoys working out, exploring the outdoors, and helping future CRNAs.

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