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The Montana Board of Nursing is known by many nicknames, abbreviations and synonyms, which all refer to the same Board.  These other names include Montana BON, MT BON, Montana State Board of Nursing and Montana Department of Nursing.

The mission of the MT BON is to protect the general welfare of people by ensuring that medical professions in the State are competent to practice safely.  The Board actively regulates

  • Medical practices
  • Education through nursing NCLEX requirements
  • MT BON license verification
  • Nursing license renewals
  • Standards like Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)
  • Opening a complaint channel for the public to uphold quality service from all medical staff in the state

All CRNAs are required to apply for both a RN and CRNA license at the MT BON and States they are applying for jobs. To clarify, please note that in many states, the physical BON office location may be different from the BON mailing address.

Montana BON Location

301 South Park
Suite 401
P.O. Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513

MT BON Mailing Address

301 South Park
Suite 401,
P.O. Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513

Montana BON Website

The official Montana BON website is here and includes valuable information on verification, application forms and online services.

For example, the MT BON also posts regular news, meetings and events updates.

MT BON Person in Charge

The Montana BNE (Board of Nurse Examiners) oversees licensing, regulating, and monitoring the status of all nurses in the State of Montana.

Montana BON Contact

The main contact person is listed below.  Please note that this person may be difficult to reach on for day to day matters.

Missy Poortenga
Executive Officer

With that in mind, the best way to reach the MT BON is through phone call during the weekday office hours as per below:

Montana Board of Nursing Phone Number
Montana Board of Nursing Contact Number


Montana CRNA Associations

  • MTANA (Montana Association of Nurse Anesthetists)

Other Montana CRNA Information

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CRNA Schools in Montana

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