Cheapest CRNA Schools

cheapest crna schoolsCRNA School tuition is expensive.  The average In-State Nurse Anesthetist School cost is US$93,065 while the average Out-of-State Nurse Anesthetist School Cost is US$109,401.  In CRNA Schools by Cost, we ranked every single CRNA school in the United States by the total tuition amount to get your CRNA degree.  We listed all CRNA programs above US$50k.  In this Cheapest CRNA Schools section, we go into detail on CRNA Schools with tuition less than US$50,000.

Before this year, cost conscious students had the option of saving money by opting for the 2-year Master of Nursing degree in Nurse Anesthesia.  However, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists voted to require all CRNA programs to be Doctors degrees (DNP) requiring 3 anesthesia school years to graduate.  For the 2021 academic year, less than 10 CRNA schools still offer the Master of Nursing (MSN) degree.  All CRNAs, who graduate prior to 2025 with a master’s degree, are permitted to still practice.  Therefore, if you want to save money, the best way to save is by enrolling in the 2 years master’s program while it’s still available.

It’s important to note that the CRNA school costs below include additional student expenses such as nursing textbooks, supplies, health fees, technology fees, graduate student fees, etc that vary school by school.  On the other hand, housing, health insurance and transport costs are exclude from the figures as those will vary by person.

Cheapest CRNA Schools by Tuition

Bloomsburg CRNA
Tuition:                US$49,929
Degree:                Master of Nursing

Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia
Tuition:                US$48,558
Degree:                Doctor of Nursing Practice

Tuition:                US$46,184
Degree:                Doctor of Nursing Practice

Florida Gulf Coast University CRNA
Tuition:                US$45,419
Degree:                Doctor of Nursing Practice

Saint Marys CRNA
Tuition:                US$44,855
Degree:                Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

Wake Forest CRNA
Tuition:                US$42,551
Degree:                Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

Tuition:                US$41,325
Degree:                Master of Nursing

Tuition:                US$39,865
Degree:                Master of Nursing

La Roche CRNA
Tuition:                US$97,730
Degree:                Master of Health Science in Nursing

Saint Joseph Hospital
Tuition:                US$33,010
Degree:                Master of Nursing

Minneapolis School of Anesthesia
Tuition:                US$32,900
Degree:                Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

University of Akron CRNA
Tuition:                US$31,959
Degree:                Master of Nurse

USM CRNA Program
Tuition:                US$26,666
Degree:                Doctor of Nursing Practice

Antillean Adventist University
Tuition:                US$26,000
Degree:                Master of Nurse

University of Puerto Rico
Tuition:                US$16,750
Degree:                Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

Inter American University
Tuition:                US$14,092
Degree:                Master of Science

Free Tuition CRNA Schools

The government fully funds the CRNA programs for the Army CRNA and Military CRNA schools.  That means tuition is free while you are a CRNA student.  Upon graduation, you are guaranteed a CRNA job in an army or military medical facility.  Both CRNA programs are free for active duty service commitment.

To clarify, after graduation, Army CRNA and Military CRNA graduates are required by law to serve on active duty for 7 years.  Upon completion of active duty, they are also placed on the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) roster.  More information on the schools are at the links below.

Military CRNA
Tuition:                Free
Degree:                Doctor of Nursing Practice

Tuition:                Free
Degree:                Doctor of Nursing Practice

All Cheapest CRNA Schools

all cheapest crna schoolsIn this area, we cover the full list of Cheapest CRNA Schools in the United States with detail on the name of the CRNA School, In-State-Tuition an Out-of-State Tuition.  All the CRNA programs have been approved by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs. Please click on the CRNA School name for more detailed information on the selected CRNA program.  CRNA program tuition amounts include additional fees, which may include books, healthcare, technology fees, etc.

All CRNA SchoolsTuition RankIn-State CRNA Tuition (US$000's)Out-of-State CRNA Tuition (US$000's)
Army CRNA1$-$-
Military CRNA1$-$-
Inter American University3$14$14
University of Puerto Rico4$17$17
Antillean Adventist University5$26$26
USM CRNA Program6$27$32
University of Akron CRNA7$32$50
Saint Joseph Hospital8$33$57
UTK CRNA Program9$40$78
La Roche CRNA10$41$41
ASU CRNA11$44$44
Florida Gulf Coast University CRNA12$45$149
ECU CRNA13$46$106
Saint Marys CRNA14$47$47
Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia15$48$115
Bloomsburg CRNA16$50$68
Old Dominion University CRNA17$58$144
UPMC Hamot18$59$59
KU CRNA Program19$61$82
Minneapolis School of Anesthesia20$61$61
SIUE CRNA21$62$62
Mayo Clinic CRNA22$63$63
UT Houston CRNA23$63$154
UNF CRNA24$67$135
Mayo Clinic Health System25$67$80
St Elizabeth Health Center26$68$96
Truman CRNA Program27$69$69
Western Carolina University CRNA28$70$70
Murray State CRNA29$70$70
Missouri State University CRNA30$72$72
VCU CRNA Program31$72$136
Michigan State University CRNA32$73$140
Lincoln Memorial University CRNA Program33$73$73
Newman CRNA34$73$73
FSU CRNA35$73$73
UAMS CRNA Program36$75$108
USF CRNA Program37$75$75
Columbia University CRNA38$76$76
Lourdes University CRNA39$76$76
University of Tennessee Health Science Center40$77$169
Wayne State CRNA41$79$146
LSU CRNA Program42$79$128
University of Iowa CRNA43$81$154
University of Cincinnati CRNA44$82$135
U of M CRNA Program45$83$122
Fairfield CRNA46$84$84
MUSC CRNA Program47$84$117
University of South Carolina CRNA48$84$106
FIU CRNA Program49$85$141
Albany Medical College CRNA Program50$85$85
Oakland University CRNA Program51$85$85
Westminster CRNA52$85$85
University of Pittsburgh CRNA53$86$102
UAB CRNA54$86$171
UND CRNA Program55$86$125
UTC CRNA56$87$207
Yale CRNA57$87$87
UNC CRNA Program58$87$141
Integrated Anesthesia Associates59$88$88
Wake Forest CRNA60$88$88
Webster University Nurse Anesthesia Program61$89$89
Rutgers CRNA62$89$124
Clarkson College CRNA63$89$89
University of Maryland CRNA64$89$148
Union University CRNA65$90$90
Keiser University CRNA66$91$91
Millikin CRNA67$92$92
UNE CRNA Program68$94$94
Quinnipiac CRNA Program69$94$94
Kaiser CRNA70$94$94
Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia71$95$95
Midwestern University CRNA72$95$95
Mount Marty CRNA73$95$95
Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes74$96$96
Cleveland Clinic CRNA program75$97$97
Gonzaga CRNA76$97$97
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh CRNA77$97$97
FranU CRNA78$97$97
Drexel CRNA79$100$100
NKU CRNA80$100$122
Samford CRNA81$100$100
WVU CRNA program82$101$173
Bryan College CRNA83$101$101
Goldfarb CRNA84$101$101
Augusta CRNA Program85$103$187
University of Minnesota CRNA86$104$104
Rush University CRNA87$104$104
Barry University Nurse Anesthesia Program88$104$104
Otterbein CRNA89$105$105
Charleston Area Medical Center90$106$106
Marian University CRNA91$108$108
Excela Health School of Anesthesia92$108$108
York College CRNA93$110$110
University of Arizona CRNA94$110$110
Samuel Merritt CRNA95$111$111
Saint Francis CRNA96$112$112
University of Scranton CRNA97$112$112
Marquette CRNA98$113$113
Detroit Mercy CRNA99$113$113
Baylor College of Medicine CRNA100$114$114
Villanova CRNA program101$116$116
Texas Wesleyan University CRNA102$116$116
National University CRNA103$116$116
AdventHealth CRNA104$117$117
La Salle CRNA program105$118$118
TCU CRNA106$119$119
University of Tulsa Nursing107$121$121
Rosalind Franklin CRNA108$125$125
OHSU Nursing109$134$138
Cedar Crest CRNA110$137$137
Buffalo CRNA Program111$138$174
Northeastern CRNA112$138$138
Loma Linda CRNA113$142$142
Jefferson CRNA Program114$145$145
UM CRNA Program115$145$145
Georgetown CRNA116$154$154
USC CRNA School117$155$155
Northshore CRNA118$167$167
Duke CRNA Program119$167$167
Case Western CRNA120$169$169
Boston College CRNA121$170$170
Emory CRNA122$184$184
Johns Hopkins CRNA123$194$194
UPenn CRNA124$219$219

Best CRNA Programs

best crna schoolsWe spent hundreds of hours studying all CRNA schools and interviewing over 125 nurse anesthetists to create our exclusive list of Best CRNA Schools.  So now you know what the cheap CRNA programs, your next research is to compare the Best CRNA programs with the cheapest nurse anesthetist schools in order to see which CRNA schools are the best fit and which programs you should apply to.

Nurse Anesthetist Salary

CRNA Starting Salary

As you’re interested in the cheapest CRNA schools, be sure to check out our CRNA Salary Guide and CRNA Starting Salary.  This is important because some of the cheapest nurse anesthetist schools will have very low pay-back.  If you are still a student or if you’re wondering how much a fresh CRNA can make right out of nurse anesthesia school, this information will be especially helpful.  You might be surprised too!  We spent hundreds of hours researching salary information from the BLS, the AANA CRNA survey from over 5,000 actual nurse anesthetists as well as from my own CRNA job offers after I graduated.  In addition, different states have different demand and supply economics for nurse anesthetists, so our CRNA Salary by State Guide will help you see which States are the best fit for you.

Map of CRNA Schools by State

Lastly, we have listed out all CRNA programs by State in the map below for your additional due diligence.


The darker the blue color equivocates to more CRNA Schools in the State.
Tier 1 = 6 or more CRNA Schools
Tier 2 =3 to 5 CRNA Schools
Tier 3 = 1 or 2 CRNA Schools
White means no CRNA schools in the State.
Data source: everythingCRNA

Click on the image gallery below to learn more about Cheapest CRNA Schools.


Cheapest CRNA Schools
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