CRNA School Acceptance Rate

crna school acceptance rateI hear from many CRNA admissions program directors that each year they receive the largest number of applicants.  This year, the national average CRNA school acceptance rate is 26%.  This is from over 12,000 candidates applying each year and less than 3,000 students being accepted.  How should you interpret this?  First off, 26% CRNA school acceptance rate does not mean if a terrible student applies to four schools, he or she will be definitely be accepted into one of the schools.  These figures are skewed so that good students and applicants will be accepted into multiple schools that they apply for.  😊  Many friends and colleagues I know applied to five to ten schools.  Some schools are easier to get in than others.  When you apply to more schools, statistically speaking, your chances of being accepted into a CRNA school increases.

Second, it’s important to note that when the schools calculate their acceptance rate, they look at the total class size over the total qualified applicants that apply.  What this means is all these applicants they consider in their calculations meet the minimum criteria for admission.  So many of the people who applied were automatically rejected due to not meeting the criteria.  I’ve seen at least one person who get to the interview phase admit that they never had any shadow experience. In conclusion, the CRNA acceptance rate publicized is actually lower in reality!

CRNA Schools with Highest Acceptance Rates

crna school with high acceptance ratesThese are the 14 CRNA Schools with the Highest Acceptance Rates.  All of them have acceptance rates of 40% or higher.

  1. Uniformed Services CRNA Acceptance Rate is 95%
  2. Antillean Adventist University CRNA Acceptance Rate is 63%
  3. Army Graduate CRNA Acceptance Rate is 62%
  4. Old Dominion CRNA Acceptance Rate is 50%
  5. AdventHealth CRNA Acceptance Rate is 46%
  6. Minneapolis School of Anesthesia CRNA Acceptance Rate is 44%
  7. WVU CRNA program Acceptance Rate is 43%
  8. State University of New York CRNA Acceptance Rate is 41%
  9. Arkansas State University CRNA Acceptance Rate is 40%
  10. University of Southern Mississippi CRNA Acceptance Rate is 40%
  11. Youngstown State University CRNA Acceptance Rate is 40%
  12. University of Cincinnati CRNA Acceptance Rate is 40%
  13. Gannon CRNA Acceptance Rate is 40%
  14. Lincoln Memorial CRNA Acceptance Rate is 40%

For more CRNA schools with high acceptance rates, check out Easiest CRNA Schools to Get Into.

CRNA Schools with the Lowest Acceptance Rates

crna school with low acceptance rates

These CRNA Schools are considered the most competitive programs for admissions in the entire country and have the lowest CRNA acceptance rate.  One observation is that three of the schools are located in California, two are in Pennsylvania, two are in Connecticut and two CRNA schools in Minnesota.

  1. Rutgers CRNA Acceptance Rate is 15%
  2. National University CRNA Acceptance Rate is 15%
  3. Quinnipiac CRNA Acceptance Rate 15%
  4. Saint Marys CRNA Acceptance Rate 15%
  5. Loma Linda CRNA Acceptance Rate is 15%
  6. Drexel CRNA Acceptance Rate is 14%
  7. University of Tennessee CRNA Acceptance Rate is 14%
  8. Cleveland Clinic CRNA Acceptance Rate is 14%
  9. Kaiser CRNA Acceptance Rate is 13%
  10. Jefferson CRNA Acceptance Rate is 13%
  11. Emory CRNA Acceptance Rate is 13%
  12. University of Detroit Mercy CRNA Acceptance Rate is 13%
  13. Florida State University CRNA Acceptance Rate is 12%
  14. Carolinas Medical Center CRNA Acceptance Rate is 11%
  15. University of Maryland CRNA Acceptance Rate is 10%
  16. University of Iowa CRNA Acceptance Rate is 10%
  17. Fairfield CRNA Acceptance Rate is 10%
  18. University of Arizona CRNA Acceptance Rate is 10%
  19. University of Minnesota CRNA Acceptance Rate is 10%
  20. Clarkson CRNA Acceptance Rate is 9%
  21. Marquette CRNA Acceptance Rate is 7%
  22. Oregon University CRNA Acceptance Rate is 7%
  23. Gonzaga CRNA Acceptance Rate is 6%

CRNA School Acceptance Rates

In this section, we list out all CRNA Schools by Acceptance Rates in the United States with detail on the CRNA School and CRNA Acceptance Rates.  All the CRNA programs have been approved by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs. Please click on the CRNA School name for more detailed information on the selected CRNA program.  CRNA acceptance rates are calculated by taking the total number of students divided over the total number of qualified students applying to the program.

Acceptance Rate RankingAll CRNA SchoolsCRNA Acceptance Rate
1Military CRNA95%
2Antillean Adventist University63%
3Army CRNA62%
4Old Dominion University CRNA50%
5AdventHealth CRNA46%
6Minneapolis School of Anesthesia44%
7WVU CRNA program43%
8Buffalo CRNA Program41%
10Lincoln Memorial University CRNA Program40%
11Saint Francis CRNA40%
12St Elizabeth Health Center40%
13University of Cincinnati CRNA40%
14UPMC Hamot40%
15USM CRNA Program40%
16Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia39%
17Rosalind Franklin CRNA39%
18Missouri State University CRNA38%
19Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes38%
20LSU CRNA Program37%
21Mayo Clinic CRNA37%
22Inter American University37%
23Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia36%
24Northshore CRNA36%
25Barry University Nurse Anesthesia Program36%
27UAMS CRNA Program35%
28Texas Wesleyan University CRNA35%
30Albany Medical College CRNA Program34%
31Goldfarb CRNA33%
32Michigan State University CRNA33%
33USF CRNA Program33%
35La Roche CRNA31%
36KU CRNA Program30%
37Truman CRNA Program30%
38Webster University Nurse Anesthesia Program30%
39Bryan College CRNA29%
40FranU CRNA29%
41University of Akron CRNA29%
42University of Pittsburgh CRNA29%
43Millikin CRNA28%
44Lourdes University CRNA27%
45University of South Carolina CRNA27%
46Northeastern CRNA27%
47UND CRNA Program27%
48York College CRNA27%
49Samuel Merritt CRNA26%
50Charleston Area Medical Center26%
51Samford CRNA26%
52Columbia University CRNA25%
53Duke CRNA Program25%
54Excela Health School of Anesthesia25%
55Georgetown CRNA25%
56Integrated Anesthesia Associates25%
57Mayo Clinic Health System25%
58U of M CRNA Program25%
59UNE CRNA Program25%
60La Salle CRNA program24%
61VCU CRNA Program24%
62Marian University CRNA24%
63Rush University CRNA24%
65University of Puerto Rico24%
66Villanova CRNA program24%
67Wake Forest CRNA24%
68Bloomsburg CRNA24%
69USC CRNA School23%
71UPenn CRNA22%
73Baylor College of Medicine CRNA22%
75Mount Marty CRNA21%
76Westminster CRNA21%
77Midwestern University CRNA21%
78Boston College CRNA20%
79Case Western CRNA20%
80MUSC CRNA Program20%
81Newman CRNA20%
82Otterbein CRNA20%
83Saint Joseph Hospital20%
84Union University CRNA20%
85University of Wisconsin Oshkosh CRNA20%
86UTK CRNA Program18%
87Murray State CRNA17%
88UM CRNA Program17%
89UT Houston CRNA17%
90Yale CRNA17%
91Western Carolina University CRNA16%
92Oakland University CRNA Program16%
93Rutgers CRNA15%
95National University CRNA15%
96Quinnipiac CRNA Program15%
97Saint Marys CRNA15%
98Loma Linda CRNA15%
99Drexel CRNA14%
100University of Tennessee Health Science Center14%
101Cleveland Clinic CRNA program14%
102Kaiser CRNA13%
103Jefferson CRNA Program13%
104Detroit Mercy CRNA13%
105Emory CRNA13%
106UNC CRNA Program11%
107Fairfield CRNA10%
108University of Iowa CRNA10%
109University of Maryland CRNA10%
110University of Arizona CRNA10%
111University of Minnesota CRNA10%
112Clarkson College CRNA9%
113Marquette CRNA7%
114OHSU Nursing7%
115Gonzaga CRNA6%
116Augusta CRNA ProgramN/A
116Cedar Crest CRNAN/A
116FIU CRNA ProgramN/A
116Florida Gulf Coast University CRNAN/A
116Johns Hopkins CRNAN/A
116Keiser University CRNAN/A
116University of Scranton CRNAN/A
116University of Tulsa NursingN/A
116Wayne State CRNAN/A

Best CRNA Programs

best crna schoolsWe spent hundreds of hours studying all CRNA schools and interviewing over 125 nurse anesthetists to create our exclusive list of Best CRNA Schools.  So now you know the CRNA school acceptance rates, your next research is to compare the Best CRNA programs with the CRNA schools with the highest acceptance rates in order to see which CRNA schools are the best fit and which programs you should apply to.

Map of CRNA Schools by State

For your further study on CRNA acceptance rates, we list out all CRNA schools by State in the map of the United States.


The darker the blue color equivocates to more CRNA Schools in the State.
Tier 1 = 6 or more CRNA Schools
2nd Tier = 3 to 5 CRNA Schools
Tier 3 = 1 or 2 CRNA Schools
White means no CRNA schools in the State.
Data source: everythingCRNA

CRNA Salary

CRNA Starting SalaryAs you’re reading about CRNA School Acceptance Rates, be sure to check out our CRNA Salary Guide and CRNA Starting Salary.  If you are still a student or if you’re wondering how much a fresh CRNA can make right out of nurse anesthesia school, this information will be especially helpful.  You might be surprised too!  We spent hundreds of hours researching salary information from the BLS, the AANA CRNA survey from over 5,000 actual nurse anesthetists as well as from my own CRNA job offers after I graduated.  In addition, different states have different demand and supply economics for nurse anesthetists, so our CRNA Salary by State Guide will help you see which States are the best fit for you.

My Final Recommendation on CRNA Acceptance Rate

Don’t let the CRNA school acceptance rate for a school be your decision to not apply to a school.  Remember, the CRNA school application process is not based solely on your GPA and test score.  There’s also your experience, your fit and the chemistry with the school itself.  Have you heard about the schools with the lowest acceptance rate?  What do you think makes them so difficult to get into?  Please share your feedback and experiences with the community.

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