Online CRNA Programs

Online learning, Attend full time or part time (and work while you attend school), Interactive web-based classes taught by experienced online instructors, Capstone/practice project completed in your area of expertise, Opportunity to study with faculty who are practice experts.

Augusta CRNA

This program consists of 37 credits using a hybrid platform of on-campus and off-campus sessions. On campus sessions are conducted on select dates during the year at a Barry University location in South Florida (schedules will be provided in advance). Off campus, sessions will be conducted via on-line classes using distance learning technology as well as synchronous web-mediated courses.

Barry CRNA

Drexel’s accredited online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is designed for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice and offers an alternative to research-focused doctoral programs.

Drexel CRNA

The College of Nursing at East Carolina University offers a doctorate in nursing practice. The curriculum includes advanced study in the scientific underpinnings for practice, health-care finance, policy, and leadership, as well as patient safety and risk management. In this program, students gain greater depth of knowledge regarding policy issues, interdisciplinary models of health care delivery, techniques and models for influencing the health care system, particular problems of rural health populations, clinical scholarship to improve quality and safety, and translational research. This program is online.


Courses throughout the DNP Program will be taught in a hybrid Distance Learning format with on-line learning activities, web-based meetings, and on-campus meetings conducted throughout each semester using synchronous and asynchronous learning technology (Adobe Connect, Canvas Learning Management System, and other technology as appropriate). This format of instruction will permit students to engage in many of the learning activities regardless of geographic location.


Our Advanced Specialization Program is for Master’s prepared CRNAs who are certified/recertified through the NBCRNA. The program offers a 5 semester and an 8 semester option in a hybrid structure (see DNAP Course Sequence–Advanced Specialization) Class attendance is required at the beginning of the program and following each semester which begins the next semester. Course work will be done via distance education, discussion boards, written assignments, and presentations.


This online program builds upon prior knowledge obtained in the master’s program in Nurse Anesthesia and focuses on clinical practice areas such as expanding knowledge in clinical practice and clinical leadership.  The Post-Master’s Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program at Keiser University is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA) and consists of 36-credit hours, requiring an additional two years of coursework beyond the master’s curriculum.

Keiser CRNA

The Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) is designed to meet the needs of the working professional. The full-time option is offered in three consecutive semesters, and the program begins in early summer with a week-long residency on campus. Classes are offered online and within a 15-week format.

La Roche CRNA

The La Salle Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is in response to the call for health care improvement and innovation. This is a practice-focused doctorate with a strong clinical component designed for all health care environments providing opportunities for expert knowledge and skill development through completion of clinical hours and a DNP Scholarly Project. The Post-MSN curricular plan is delivered fully online, including a yearly immersion experience.  Post-MSN students may enroll in the program on a part-time (3 credits/semester) or full-time (6 credits/semester) basis.

La Salle CRNA

Why DNP at LMU?  The Caylor School of Nursing offers a post-master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program in an all online format. The DNP program will challenge you and allow you to discover new ways to view yourself, to view the art and science of nursing, and view the world at large.


The program is a hybrid program. This educational model allows for the convenience of online learning, along with face-to-face interaction with faculty and other DNP students. Classes meet face-to-face for 4 consecutive days each quarter to allow for the development of teamwork. These face-to-face classes prepare students for papers and projects that will later be submitted online.


100% Online Course Content Delivery. An online DNP program designed for post master’s prepared RNs.

Lourdes CRNA

More than 50% of the coursework is completed using a hybrid distance education format. Courses provided via distance education are provided in a hybrid mode of online and face-to-face instruction and discussion. Two-thirds of course content is in a distance education format, and one-third is conducted in a face-to-face classroom setting.


The DNAP Practice Doctorate is a full-time course of study for 36 consecutive months. Following the first online semester all subsequent semesters require Middle Tennessee residency. In the third semester the students begin a rigorous clinical rotation process that offers students a vast array of clinical experiences in the peri-anesthesia setting, which continues throughout the remainder of the program.


The College of Health Sciences’ Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Completion Program builds upon your solid educational foundation as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Full- or part-time online courses adapt to your schedule. You will acquire new advanced knowledge that will help you qualify for leadership positions in nurse anesthesia and education in a patient-centered practice.

MidWestern CRNA

You can complete the all-online program at a pace while maintaining your employment. Your clinical hours are project hours at the site where the quality improvement project will be implemented. Use the connections you already have to complete your quality improvement project. We even allow you to complete your project at your place of employment.

Missouri State CRNA

The MS to DNAP program is 24 months long and will be delivered primarily through distance education. or students in the MS to DNAP program, the majority of the instruction will be delivered through web-based learning systems. Students will be required to be on campus approximately twice each semester.

Mount Marty CRNA

100 percent online program provides the ultimate convenience. Our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students are not limited by times of the day, days of the week or geographic location while pursuing their degree.

Murray State CRNA

The Post-MSN to DNP programs are offered online and address the most contemporary aspects of expert clinical practice and in-depth knowledge and experience in leadership, health systems design and evaluation, evidence-based practice, health policy, and applied research.


The Northeastern University post-master’s DNP program includes advanced course work in leadership, practice inquiry, population health, informatics, and health policy. The DNP program curriculum is delivered online in an executive model hybrid format.

Northeastern CRNA

Quinnipiac University’s online post-master’s Doctor of Nursing practice degree prepares you to meet those needs while taking your nursing expertise to the next level.

Quinnipiac CRNA

Why choose UNCG: A hybrid program (on-campus sessions 4-6 days/semester and online content).


This program was created for Registered Nurses who wish to continue their education to become Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) and earn the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. The program curriculum is predominately delivered on campus, with some upper-level doctoral content presented online.

Rosalind Franklin

SMU also offers registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree the option to pursue their Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) master’s degree and DNP simultaneously. This 36-month program is offered through a combination of online and on-campus classes.

Samuel Merritt CRNA

Our post-master’s DNP program is delivered online and part-time study is available.


100% online classes. Making the decision to get your degree is hard; we’re here to make it easier and more convenient. In as little as two years, you’ll complete 35 credit hours of online coursework. You’ll take classes like population health, practice management and advanced theory and roles for the DNP. Just provide a few details and we’ll send you a degree plan. You’ll be on your way to a DNP in no time.


The post-master’s DNP curriculum has been designed to accommodate the working student. Courses are offered with a blend of online (web, video conferencing) and on-campus time; students are required to attend a campus lecture each month. The dates for the on-campus lectures are set a year in advance and can be found on the post-master’s DNP program page.


The program is available online in part-time and full-tie format.


This hybrid program is a blend of intensive face to face and online learning modalities. Students can complete the program in two years of full-time study or choose a part-time option. The program is offered in a hybrid format. This means that there is a blend of intensive face to face, distance and/or asynchronous learning modalities that are determined based on the course/content/semester. The student can complete the program in two years of full time (two courses per semester) study.  Part time options are also available.


This online, practice‐focused 36 credit doctoral program will prepare nursing leaders for the highest level of clinical nursing practice beyond the initial preparation in the discipline. Applicants will be CRNAs with a master’s degree.


With all classes available online, our curriculum offers flexibility and convenience, and allows master’s prepared nurses to earn their PM-DNP while balancing a full-time career. Students can also complete their DNP project at their own site of employment, bringing additional value and impact to their own institution.


The post-master’s DNAP is designed for working CRNAs. The curriculum is offered through a combination of on- and off-site sessions. Off-site work is completed through a combination of assignments (clinical practice, readings, written work) and web-based activities using the Blackboard™ learning platform. On-campus sessions are held three times per year: early January, mid-May, and mid-August. The on-site sessions generally include the wrap-up coursework from one semester as well as the beginning coursework from the next semester.


Villanova Post-Master’s Nursing’s Doctor of Nursing Practice degree prepares Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and nurse executives with knowledge in evidence-based practice, organizational leadership and financial acumen to lead innovation in nursing practice and health care. The online, synchronous DNP prepares nurse leaders to translate nursing science in practice, collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to develop solutions and achieve positive health care outcomes for individuals and populations.

Villanova CRNA

The post-master’s DNP is a part-time, two-year online program with occasional in-person sessions. Three credits of online elective will be taught by the Wake Forest University School of Law.

Wake Forest CRNA

The doctor of nurse anesthesia practice (DNAP) CRNA completion degree assists the masters prepared practicing CRNA with the opportunity to bridge their degree to the practice doctorate. The degree is offered in a 100% online platform to accommodate the complicated work schedules of practicing CRNAs.

Webster CRNA

The program is hybrid, requiring online coursework with scheduled in-person campus visits each semester.  The program requires ~20 days on campus, consisting of ~14 days in Year 1 and ~8 days in Year 2 (considering a “typical” academic year).


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