USF CRNA Program

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USF CRNA Program

University of South Florida , located in the Sunshine State of Tampa, Florida offers one of the top CRNA programs in the United States. The USF CRNA program length is 36 months (94 credit hours) beginning in the calendar month of May each year.  This detailed summary will discuss the degree, course structure, class size, acceptance rates, admissions, tuition costs and other helpful information for the school.


Upon graduation from the CRNA program, you will receive a University of South Florida DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) degree.  As a reminder, CRNA master’s degrees will no longer be offered by CRNA schools from 2022. Therefore, all degrees offered from CRNA schools will be Doctor degrees such as:

  • DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  • DNP-A (Doctor of Nursing Practice – Anesthesia)
  • DNP-NA (Doctor of Nursing Practice – Nurse Anesthesia)
  • DMPNA  (Doctor of Management Practice – Nurse Anesthesia)

For instance, many healthcare professions, like Pharmacy, are also moving towards the doctorate degree as the entry level to enter the profession.

USF CRNA Program Course Load

The USF DNP degree program is based on an integrated course load.  In other words, an integrated CRNA degree is one where clinical experience begins in the first year with both clinical hours and classroom lectures throughout the program length.

On the other hand, this is different than a front loaded CRNA degree where the first year is considered mainly academic with classroom education while the remaining years are focused on clinical rotations.

In general, there is no right or wrong method of teaching – roughly 33% of schools have integrated course loads in the first year and 67% are front loaded.

Therefore, the trend of more clinical hours in the first year has been increasing in recent years as CRNA schools realize the importance of practical experience and knowledge sooner rather than later.

University of South Florida CRNA Program Class Size

The University of South Florida CRNA program class size is 50 students and considered large.  To give a frame of reference, the average class size of CRNA programs across the nation is 24 CRNA students.

USF CRNA Acceptance Rate & Admissions

The application deadline for the USF CRNA program is on August 15 & February 15 .  The UNF CRNA program does accept applications via NursingCas, which means applicants will have to apply directly to the school.  The program charges an application fee of US$30, which is on par with the average CRNA application fee of US$61.

The USF CRNA acceptance rate is 33% and is deemed less competitive.  As a comparison to other CRNA schools, the average acceptance rate of CRNA schools across the United States is 26%.

USF CRNA Tuition

USF CRNA In-State tuition is US$75,200, which is considered on the expensive side.  The average In-State tuition for CRNA schools is US$89,490 in the United States.

USF CRNA Out-of-State Tuition is US$75,200, which is considered on the high side. The average Out-of-State tuition for CRNA schools is US$105,291 across the country.

Above all, for both In-State and Out-of-State tuition, these tuition figures include the total cost of the entire program excluding living expenses. 

Consequently, after one year of living in many States as a SRNA, you would be considered an ‘In State’ resident for tuition purposes.  In short, rules vary state by state.  Therefore, please do additional research on this if you are applying as an Out-of-State CRNA student.

To conclude, you might have to leave a tuition deposit to reserve your space in the upcoming class once you are accepted into the USF CRNA program.  This is usually a one-time deposit and off-set with your tuition bill.

Most CRNA schools charge this reservation fee and the average across the nation is US$1,3658.  The USF CRNA reservation fee is US$1,000.

Always remember that CRNA Scholarship programs do exist to help students with tuition.

Other Information on USF CRNA

Website: University of South Florida

Note: We have updated all the information for the 2021 academic school year.

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